Who needs to be a Subscriber?

Any insurer may become a Subscriber to WSRB subject to the WSRB Rules and Regulations. Not sure if you need to Subscribe or Register? Click here.

If you are an insurer writing property business in the state of Washington, a subscription to WSRB is required in order to adopt or use any portion of our filed materials. Policy forms, rates/loss costs, and rules, including Public Protection Classifications, are some of the services included with your subscription.

As a Subscriber, your benefits include:

  • Ready-to-use forms approved by the Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner
  • Accurate, reliable, data for assessing properties and gauging vulnerabilities
    and gauging perils
  • Advisory Prospective Loss Costs for commercial properties
  • Instant access to Protection Class data for any Washington structure
  • Complimentary, in-person, standard, property and automatic fire suppression sprinkler inspections by professional commercial property analysts
  • Easy-to-order detailed commercial property inspections, including PDF reports for your files
  • Ability to grant WSRB the authority to file on your behalf
  • Access to our API so you can integrate our data directly into your policy writing system
  • A friendly, responsive customer service team to help you with your needs

If you have questions about being a Subscriber contact us. If you're ready now please fill out the Application for Subscribership form to your right to begin the process.


Application for Subscription