Our Compliance Department is responsible for submitting forms, loss costs and rating rules to the State Insurance Department on behalf of all our Subscribers. It also ensures WSRB adheres to the statutes and regulations set forth by the state.

Compliance Filings Library

Subscribers get full access to our Filings Library, which contains all WSRB filings and related Circulars. Users are able to enter as little as one piece of search criteria to start finding results. Search options include line of business, form and filing information, effective date and more. This service is only provided to our Subscribers and you will need to be registered with us to access this information. If you're not registered but know your company is a Subscriber, please register now.


We provide to Subscribers emailed notification of Circulars. These Circulars are easy to read and summarize the information of recently approved WSRB filings. If you would like to receive these emails, please register by adding your contact information using your company email address corresponding with your WSRB account.