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Protection Class, GIS and Fun Facts (at least for GIS fans)

Posted by Robert Ferrell on April 24, 2018

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As you know, WSRB provides Protection Class (PC) ratings for individual properties through our PROTECTION and PropertyEDGE applications. Just enter an address, and the apps quickly return a PC rating, along with its location on a map and other information such as fire hydrant availability and closest responding fire station.

A number of factors come into play when determining a property’s PC rating. These include the community where the property is located, that community’s Protection Classification, and, of course, proximity to fire stations and hydrants. WSRB’s PC rating web applications use a Geographic Information System (GIS) framework to gather, manage and organize the required information, so they can easily calculate a PC rating for any address in Washington State.




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PropertyEDGE is WSRB’s robust GIS application and it contains a tremendous amount of data to make calculating a PC rating possible as well as the ability to measure how far your kid’s home run ball went. Let’s explore the data you can find in PropertyEDGE.


  • Legal boundaries for 715 communities
  • The location of 416 islands
  • A road network of more than 148,300 miles
  • Boundaries and other data for more than 3,060,000 parcels
  • Response areas for over 500 fire departments
  • Location and staffing type of all of the state’s 1,400+ fire stations
  • The location of fire hydrants in Washington; and let us tell you, there are a lot.
  • And yes, the length of our Vice President of Human Resources grandson’s home run, which was over 370 feet.



Using PropertyEDGE, I learned that the Eiffel Tower is 510 feet from the Seine River, and that Liberty Island, the home of the Statue of Liberty, is located 8,875 feet (or 1.68 miles) from the tip of Manhattan. That’s quite a swim.

To learn more about Public Protection and PC ratings check out our website. And when you have time to play around with PropertyEDGE, we’d love to hear from you about the interesting and fun things you find.

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