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Home, Sprinklered Home

Posted by Anthony Higgins on July 24, 2018

It’s the season for home improvement. But while you may be eyeing a new kitchen island or a soaking tub in the master bath, there’s one project that could make a big difference in your safety and peace of mind.

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Why Sprinkler Systems Fail

Posted by Robert Lacy on July 17, 2018

In the insurance industry, we consider the automatic sprinkler system one of the world’s greatest inventions. The first modern system was designed and installed in 1812, and by 1890, automated sprinkler technology more or less resembled the systems in use today.

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The Importance of Automated Sprinkler Systems

Posted by Robert Lacy on August 3, 2017


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Top Ten Reasons You Aren't Getting Full Sprinkler Credit

Posted by Robert Lacy on August 2, 2017

What does WSRB look for when evaluating automatic sprinkler systems? What are the most common reasons for loss of credit? These questions go hand in hand and can be answered by looking at the top 10 reasons sprinkler systems lose credit.

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No Sprinkler Left Behind

Posted by Sandra Bird on August 1, 2017

Sprinkler credit gives your commercial properties a huge win when it comes to premium cost. Yet getting this credit can be elusive for some buildings. We have a solution! Given the impressive track record of automatic fire sprinklers, WSRB extends credit to all eligible sprinkler systems. Having all the documentation to evaluate an automatic fire sprinkler system thoroughly is preferred, but we will evaluate systems that do not have some previously required elements, including the original “As-Built” plans.

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One Size Sprinkler System Does Not Fit All

Posted by Robert Lacy on May 9, 2016

When designing a sprinkler system for a building, many factors come into play. The right design for one facility might not be at all right for another.

What matters to sprinkler system design? 

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Common Home Fire Sprinkler Questions Answered

Posted by WSRB on June 20, 2014

At WSRB, we are committed to reducing losses caused by fire. While we focus most of our business activities on property, we also know that saving lives when a fire occurs is even more important.

When it comes to home fire sprinklers, many people have questions. Are they truly effective? How do they work? Won’t the flood damage cost more than the fire damage? Let's address these in turn.

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Warehouses: Storage Issues You Should Know

Posted by WSRB on June 11, 2014

Rack storage in warehousing facilities can present a complicated fire risk.  From the types of products being stored to the height of the storage, many factors need to be addressed to properly understand these risks. While this is not a comprehensive guide, it will help you identify common issues with rack storage the next time you’re walking through your customer’s business.

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Automatic Sprinkler Testing: Internal Piping Condition and Obstruction

Posted by WSRB on May 20, 2014

Every year, a sprinkler test should go through an annual inspection, testing and maintenance, in what's called a confidence test.

The confidence sometimes includes other tests, such as the main drain or local alarm test. Sprinkler systems go through other, less-frequent tests, too, such as a trip test using the inspector’s test outlet for a dry system or an internal pipe inspection.

When operated, properly maintained sprinkler systems are effective 96% of the time, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

For us to give sprinkler credit to a building, we require:

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Sprinkler System Grandfathering Laws: The Debate Continues

Posted by WSRB on March 31, 2014

A recent deadly fire at a motel in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey has once again brought up the debate about whether sprinkler system grandfathering laws should exist for certain types of occupants.

This most recent fire, at the Mariner’s Cove Motor Inn, killed four people and injured seven more. Another tragic fire in Boston last week took the lives of two firefighters who were trying to clear out a basement in a brownstone where a fire had started. (Note that we don't yet know whether this building had been grandfathered in to sprinkler law, or if one was just not installed.)

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