Compliance Regulatory Assistance

WSRB Compliance can manage or assist with the regulatory process from start to finish, whether in Washington or other states nationwide.

In Washington, WSRB Compliance prepares, on behalf of our subscribing companies, filings for approval by the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner. We prepare and distribute Circulars detailing the status of these filings to our Subscribers. These Circulars are available in the Members-Only section.

We work closely with the WSRB Inspection and Public Protection departments to process and publish the specific Washington State Loss Costs, gradings and maps that result from WSRB inspections and gradings. These are distributed by mail or electronically to companies and agents/brokers.

Contact Information:

For more information, contact: Jim Antush, Compliance & Actuarial Services Manager || 206.273.7161 || Email WSRB Compliance