Registering versus Subscribing

Do I need to Register or Subscribe?

Who should register?

Most people seeking online access to WSRB's products and services only need to register. If you work for an insurer, your employer is most likely already a Subscriber. If you are an agent, the companies you write for are most likely Subscribers.  

Registered users are:

  • Employees (e.g., underwriters, raters or analysts) of a subscribing insurer.
  • Agents selling policies for subscribing insurers.
  • Other qualifying individuals (e.g., fire chiefs, public officials, etc.).

Agencies selling insurance in Washington state are not Subscribers, but their employees may register to access our data to conduct business for a Subscriber. 

If you aren't sure if your employer/the company you write for is a subscribing insurer, contact customer service at 206-217-0101, by email or by clicking here. Our team will check for you. 

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Who should become a Subscriber?

Subscribers are insurers authorized to write insurance in Washington state. WSRB provides Protection Classes, Loss Costs, BCEGS and other data as well as Forms to our Subscribers and their employees. Subscribers pay an annual assessment for access to our products and services.  

Any insurer authorized to write insurance in the state of Washington is eligible to become a WSRB Subscriber. 

Once an insurer becomes a Subscriber, employees need to register for access to the Subscriber portion of our website. 

If your company is — or will be — an insurer in Washington state and has not already subscribed, you can learn more about the benefits or contact us. We're happy to answer any questions you have.  

WSRB is the only property rating organization authorized to submit filings on behalf of subscribing insurers in Washington.


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