Property Insurance Training, Videos & Seminars

Restaurant Suppression (UL 300) Webinar - 30 Minutes

There are over 1 million restaurant locations in the United States and that number is expected to rise to over 1.7 million by 2026. These restaurants employ 14.4 million people and generate $782 billion in revenue. With about 8,000 restaurant fires happening each year, causing over $246 million in property damage, it is critical to understand and implement all the safety precautions. Almost all fires start in the kitchen and food preparation areas, showing you how important a working kitchen fire suppression system is. This webinar will give you the basic knowledge of these systems so you know what's needed and what to look for.

Earthquakes Explored Webinar - 30 Minutes

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we anticipate that earthquakes will occur. We know sometime "The Really Big One" will inevitably hit and change our landscape. Listen to our webinar, hosted by Tracy Skinner, discussing all things earthquake: types, fault lines and buffers, local tectonic plates and Modified Mercalli Intensity. Tracy also reviews how WSRB's GIS mapping tool, PropertyEDGE®, can help you evaluate a property risk and increase your DIC cross-sales.

Below are training courses offered in Washington. Custom classes are available. To schedule a program, Contact Us.


Construction Types - 1 Hour

This class covers the six basic commercial construction types and provides basic information on burn rates, terminology and construction issues when related to fire.

Automatic Sprinkler Systems - 1 Hour

Learn about the operation of an automatic sprinkler system from sprinkler head to riser valve. You'll also learn about fast response systems, deluge coverage and stack limits.

Hood and Vent Systems UL 300-Restaurant Fire Suppression - 1 Hour

Many underwriters require UL 300 systems in order to insure a restaurant. Learn what they are and how they work, as well as how to recognize the system when in place. The course also covers hood and vent systems.

Paint Booths and Dust Collection - 1 Hour

Paint booths and wood shop dust collection systems are part of many manufacturing risks. Get a good understanding of what the requirements are and what these systems should include to provide a safe work area and reduce the risk of fire.