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Who we are and how we serve insurers, agents and Washington state residents.  

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Engaging thought leadership on key insurance industry issues from our CEO. 

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Get to know the team behind WSRB’s trusted data and excellent customer service. 


Learn about the benefits of working at WSRB and apply for open positions.  

Underwriting Property

A guide to key risks in Washington state: fire, wildfire and earthquakes.

Help Center

Self-serve articles on how to use our products. Available 24/7. 

Commercial Property

Information on Loss Costs, policy rating and assessment tools 

Industry Toolkit

Links to help you work smarter and serve your customers.  

Protection Classes

The evaluation process explained from start to finish.


News on emerging risks as well as our latest products. 


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PropertyEDGE Tutorials

Use PropertyEDGE Like a Pro. PropertyEDGE is your robust underwriting tool with a simple user interface designed for ease of use. But every tool requires a little bit of training to become an expert. Here we provide you with quick-hit training videos to get you up to speed or just brush up your skills.


PropertyEDGE Complete Training

Watch all the training videos in one sitting. 


PropertyEDGE User Interface Basics

Learn the simple user interface of this robust underwriting tool.

Duration: 3:10

  • Introduction to PropertyEDGE
  • 1:05 Use the Options Panel
  • 2:01 Switch Map Types
  • 2:07 Explore the Measurement Tools

Quick Search

Easily research and assess perils for a risk with our PropertyEDGE search options.

Duration: 2:24

  • Introduction to PropertyEDGE
  • 1:05 Search by City Name
  • 1:22 Lookup by Intersection
  • 1:39 Use Site Pointer for Quick Search

Using Google Street View

PropertyEDGE interfaces with Google Street View for expanded viewing options.

Duration: 1:56

  • Introduction to PropertyEDGE
  • 1:05 Access Google St. View in PropertyEDGE

Single Line Address Lookup

PropertyEDGE has a single-line address lookup. Learn how to get the most out of this feature.

Duration: 2:10

  • Introduction to PropertyEDGE
  • 1:05 Look up an Address
  • 1:31 Access Information Panel
  • 1:38 Toggle Map Type

Protection Info and Reports

PropertyEDGE's tools help you assess risk and generate reports.

Duration: 2:28

  • Introduction to PropertyEDGE
  • 1:05 Obtaining Protection Information
  • 1:33 Generating a Report

PropertyEDGE Options

The options in PropertyEDGE allow you to adjust your risk assessment to your needs.

Duration: 3:14

  • Introduction to PropertyEDGE
  • 1:05 Accessing the Options Panel
  • 2:00 Inputing Section-Township
  • 2:38 Preferences

PropertyEDGE Layers

Optimize your risk assessment abilities with PropertyEDGE hazard and data layers.

Duration: 2:54

  • Introduction to PropertyEDGE
  • 1:05 Access hazard and data layers
  • 1:49 Optimize Protection data
  • 2:00 Review Hazard information

PropertyEDGE Hazards

The hazards layer provides you data on your risk to improve your underwriting.

Duration: 4:10

  • Introduction to PropertyEDGE
  • 1:05 Open Layers to Turn on Hazards
  • 2:28 FEMA Floodzone and Legends
  • 3:11 Forest and Brush Fires

Drawing and Measurement Tools

Measure distance to coast and adjacent risks, slope, elevation and much more with these PropertyEDGE tools.

Duration: 3:33

  • 1:05 Introduction to PropertyEDGE
  • 1:05 Drawing and Measurement Panel
  • 1:35 How to Measure an Area
  • 1:52 Measure Distance with the Point-to-Point Tool
  • 2:03 Measuring Elevation and use Slope Formula
  • 2:45 Identify a Property
  • 2:54 WSRB Rating Buildings and Loss Cost Lookup
  • 3:09 Clear Results from Screen