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PropertyEDGE® is a web-based application that provides property and casualty insurance professionals with the resources they need to assess a risk, all in one place. The application provides WSRB Protection Class information for Washington, public protection, as well as potential hazard information for Washington and beyond. Hazards include FEMA flood zones, fault lines and fault buffers (for earthquake assessment), current and historical brush and forest fires, soil type, and demographic information. PropertyEDGE® features essential tools for quick measurement of square footage, distance, and elevation.



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PROTECTION is recognized by insurers, regulators and producers as the most accurate, up-to-date and authoritative source of Washington State Public Protection Classification information. Protection is intuitive and easy to use, providing you with the information you need to do your job.




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Web Services

Protection Class Info Integrated into Your System. Save time by linking your policy-writing system directly to PROTECTION for automatic Protection Class lookups.




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WSRB inspections are used as a basis for establishing rating and loss cost values for insurance companies. They are also useful to all property stakeholders for risk management purposes. The reports generated show automatic sprinkler grade and other protective features, occupancy, building construction features, photos, and diagrams including information on adjacent exposures and other important risk aspects.



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Property and Building Reports

In addition to inspecting for rating and loss cost purposes, WSRB provides more detailed reports for insurance underwriting needs: Commercial Property Reports, General Casualty Reports and Custom Reports.



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