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Inside a WSRB Property Inspection

Posted by Dan Mangialardi on January 21, 2020

WSRB's commercial property analysts inspect a wide variety of facilities, including warehouses, manufacturing plants, hotels, hair salons, dry cleaners and restaurants. The people running the businesses we inspect often have questions about what we look at, so in this blog post, we answer some of those questions with an inside look at a restaurant inspection.

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Topics: Inspections, Insurance loss cost inspections, Commercial Rating

Finalizing a Protection Class Evaluation

Posted by Robert Ferrell on January 14, 2020

The WSRB Public Protection team is very familiar with the Protection Class (PC) evaluation process, but we know most fire officials, insurance professionals and Washington state residents don’t have time to think about every detail of it. 

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Topics: Protection class, fire departments, public protection

The Wildland-Urban Interface: Wildfire Risk at Your Doorstep

Posted by Robert Ferrell on January 7, 2020

Three trends are combining to put some Washington state communities at an increasing risk of wildfire damage. 

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Topics: Washington state, wildfire, forest fires, Risk Assessment

Celebrate 2020 All Year Long with WSRB

Posted by Sandra Bird on December 18, 2019

So far in 2019, WSRB has inspected more than 3,000 buildings, and we still have two weeks to go. It's safe to say we know buildings in Washington state. 

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What Property Insurance Professionals Need to Know about Soil Liquefaction

Posted by Zhu Zhu Xiao on December 10, 2019

Our new Earthquake Risks tool gives you easy access to information on multiple earthquake-related data points for any location in Washington state. One of those factors is susceptibility to soil liquefaction. In previous blog posts, we’ve talked a little about what soil liquefaction is and the damage it can cause. Today, we’ll go into more detail about liquefaction and what can be done to reduce its potential impact. 

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Topics: Insurance underwriting, Hazards, earthquake, liquefaction

To Educate Customers about Earthquake Risk, Look Beyond Fault Lines

Posted by Bryan Stanwood on December 4, 2019

Western Washington is one of the most earthquake-prone places in the country,1 yet only 11.3% of homeowners in the state have earthquake insurance, and just 43.2% of commercial properties have coverage.2  

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Topics: property rating, risk, Washington state, Hazards, Risk Assessment, landslide, earthquake

Inside a WSRB Visit to a Fire Department

Posted by Daryl Girnus on November 20, 2019

Every WSRB Protection Class (PC) evaluation includes an in-person visit from one of our fire protection analysts. We’ll be making more than 100 visits next year, so we want to give you an inside look at one of them. 

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Topics: Protection class, Washington state, fire departments, public protection

What the Hardening Market Means for Agents and Underwriters

Posted by Bryan Stanwood on November 12, 2019

Pricing commercial insurance coverage is always part art, part science. Underwriters must consider not only their company’s risk appetite but also what a competitor might charge.  

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Topics: Insurance underwriting, P&C

Commercial Buildings: Top 10 Risk Issues

Posted by Robert Lacy on November 6, 2019

WSRB’s commercial property analysts inspect hundreds of buildings each year for Subscribers. When they’re in the field, our inspectors encounter all kinds of risky conditions and fire hazards that affect insurance loss costs.

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Topics: Insurance underwriting, loss cost, property risk inspections, insurance

How WSRB Determines the Protection Class for Each Property

Posted by Robert Ferrell on October 29, 2019

WSRB answers many questions about Protection Classes (PCs) for properties in Washington state. Over the years, we’ve found that some people are surprised to learn that not every property has the same Protection Class as the community it’s in.   

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