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Essential Benefits of Password Managers

Sarah McMillan
June 11, 2024

At WSRB, safeguarding valuable information is paramount. By utilizing a password manager, we easily strengthen our security, protect sensitive data, and ensure our employees can focus on their work without compromising safety.

Using such a tool is a simple and effective way to bolster your business's security in our fast-paced digital age. Learn more about how they can benefit your company.

Key benefits

Enhanced Security

Protection during breaches: Unique passwords for each account ensure that if one account is compromised, others remain secure.

Unpredictable passwords: Password managers generate complex, random passwords that meet security requirements, making them hard to guess. 

IT Management

IT policy control: IT admins can enforce password policies, including complexity, length, special characters, and multi-factor authentication.

Activity tracking: Monitor shared accounts, duplicate passwords, and overall password complexity. 

Secure offboarding: Protect accounts after employees leave the company. 

Ease of Use

Cross-device functionality: Password managers auto-fill passwords across devices, including desktops, tablets, phones, and some smart devices. 

Easy updates: Quickly update and save new passwords when required by sites or apps. 

Centralized Storage

Selective sharing: Share vital accounts/passwords to either a department or multiple departments.

Sort and organize passwords: Easily organize accounts and passwords into folders for effortless browsing. 

Cloud safety: Keep important accounts, passwords, etc. safe in the cloud; if and when disaster strikes, they'll still be accessible! 

Additional resources

Sarah is WSRB's Security Analyst with past experience in IT and Clinical Engineering within the Healthcare Industry.

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