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BuildingMetrix Suite

The foundation of better underwriting is the right data on the risks that matter.

Optimize decisions across your book of business  

The BuildingMetrix Suite is a collection of high-value, hard-to-find data sets designed to help you stay ahead of emerging risks, gain clearer insight into existing risks, and strengthen your business portfolio. 

We geocode addresses in your book of business then compare them to the geolocations of risk factors we cover, enabling you to quickly and accurately see exposures you didn’t know existed.  This can help you get the right rate for the right risk or act on exposures you determine unacceptable.

Our Tools

Data products to help you make better underwriting decisions or grow your agency.


The process of conducting a book review of your policy information is easy and secure.

Your Results

After completing a thorough review of your book of business, we return an in-depth look at your risk.

BuildingMetrix Suite

Each of these data elements are curated and consistently updated by our team of property research specialists. 

Current datasets cover the following risk factors:

How the book review process works

STEP 1: Format your book of business

Export a list of policies from your underwriting management system or policy dashboard containing the locations that you want to run. At a minimum, we require street address, city, state, zip code, and a unique identifier for each property. Be sure to remove all personally identifiable information.

STEP 2: Submit your book

This secure process takes place on our ShareFile page. All you need to do is fill out your contact information, drag and drop your files, and click upload.

STEP 3: Receive your results

After submitting your book, we will promptly run the provided addresses against our known risk data and provide you with any exposures we find. Most results are returned within two weeks, securely provided via a personalized landing page.

What you receive 

After completing the geospatial analysis to identify potential matches, our team of veteran underwriters manually review each match to confirm accuracy.

The final document will include a concise and actionable list of the most notable policies which we believe require further review –policies with addresses that are either direct hits (the exact location of a known exposure) or which fall within our proximity buffers (geographically close to known exposures – only applicable to cannabis and hemp).

In addition to the basic data elements delivered in any given book review, we are happy to provide you with supplementary data to give you a more complete picture of your portfolio. Depending on the additional information you provide us with, we can deliver further insights or trends during our review. Information to help us provide these insights include:

  • Interest at the insured address (owner/tenant)
  • Total insured value at each location
  • Agency code

Our team are experts at geospatial analysis, and if you need maps to better understand your concentration of risk, we are happy to help you. We can provide total amount subjects on any street, city, state, or polygon you can draw on a map, large or small.

The value of our book runs

Accurate and useful information regarding emerging and evolving risks is often difficult or time-consuming to find. And with new forms of risk consistently popping up, it’s imperative that insurers and agents stay on top of the ball and effectively manage concentration of risk.

We’re changing the game by producing validated data-driven tools on a variety of unique risk factors; easy to use, fast, and accurate.

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