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Do you have a homeowners or renter’s insurance policy in Washington state? Your insurance company may use WSRB data when setting the part of your premium that covers fire.

Insurance companies are not required to use our protection class (PC) data, but many do. If your insurance company uses WSRB PCs, the data is one of several factors affecting your insurance premium.

Has your insurance company told you that your premium change is due to a PC change? We’re happy to answer any questions you have. Contact our Customer Service team at 206-217-0101 between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

To learn more about the PC evaluation process, read on.

WSRB regularly evaluates each community in Washington state

We look at how well-equipped the area is to respond to fires based on four key factors: 

Fire department

Including distribution of stations, staffing levels, equipment, and personnel training. 

Water supply

Including water flow capacity, fire hydrant location, and maintenance. 

Emergency communications system

Including dispatching system, staffing, and training. 

Fire safety control

Including fire code, building code enforcement, and public fire education programs. 

seattle residential community

Following an evaluation

We assign a community a PC from 1 to 10. A PC of 1 represents exemplary fire-defense capabilities; a PC of 10 indicates the community’s capabilities, if any, are insufficient to receive insurance rating credit. Using the community PC as a base, we assign each individual property a PC, factoring in the distance to a recognized responding fire station and the proximity to a standard fire hydrant.

There’s more information about protection class in our Guide to Community Ratings and our Protection Class FAQ.

If you have additional questions, contact our Customer Service team or visit the Help Center.