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About the Company

Who we are and how we serve insurers, agents, and Washington state residents.  

CEO Perspective

Engaging thought leadership on key insurance industry issues from our CEO. 

Meet the Team

Get to know the team behind WSRB’s trusted data and excellent customer service. 


Learn about the benefits of working at WSRB and apply for open positions.  

Underwriting Property

A guide to key risks in Washington state: fire, wildfire, and earthquakes.

Help Center

Self-serve articles on how to use our products. Available 24/7. 

Commercial Property

Information on loss costs, policy rating, and assessment tools 

Industry Toolkit

Links to help you work smarter and serve your customers.  

Protection Classes

The evaluation process explained from start to finish.


News on emerging risks as well as our latest products. 


In-depth content on essential insurance topics.


Weekly newsletter covering the P/C industry, curated by our experts. 


Application for Subscription

If you insure property in Washington state, you’re required to subscribe to WSRB in order to adopt or use any portion of our filed materials. Your subscription gives you a range of useful benefits, including:

  • Ready-to-use forms approved by the Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner
  • Ability to grant WSRB the authority to file on your behalf
  • Accurate, reliable data for assessing properties, vulnerabilities, and perils
  • Instant access to protection class data for any Washington structure
  • Advisory prospective loss costs for commercial properties
  • Access to our API so you can integrate our data directly into your policy writing system
  • Complimentary, in-person property inspections  by professional commercial property analysts
  • Detailed commercial property inspection reports, available as PDFs
  • A friendly, responsive contact our Customer Service team to answer your questions

Your designated agents also get access to your subscription benefits at no additional charge. See a complete list of WSRB subscription benefits.

The annual base access fee for our services is $2,000.

Filings and Circulars

WSRB files loss costs, rules, and policy forms on behalf of all subscribers. We publish a circular for each of our approved filings in Washington. Subscribers can visit our Filing Library and register for automatic email notifications when new circulars are issued.

If you have questions about subscribing, contact us. If you're ready now, please fill out the form to begin the process.