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Who we are and how we serve insurers, agents and Washington state residents.  

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Underwriting Property

A guide to key risks in Washington state: fire, wildfire and earthquakes.

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Self-serve articles on how to use our products. Available 24/7. 

Commercial Property

Information on Loss Costs, policy rating and assessment tools 

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The evaluation process explained from start to finish.


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The Value of Your WSRB Subscription

Take a tour of everything you, your underwriters and your designated agents gain access to when you're a WSRB Subscriber


All insurance companies need data and information to underwrite and price policies and contract with customers, but most insurance companies don't have the resources to develop this data and information themselves. The six independent rating bureaus, including WSRB, and ISO exist to fill this gap.

When you subscribe to a bureau, you join your resources with those of other insurers, reducing your costs and benefiting from a larger pool of property risk data, information and expertise. This model is similar, in many fundamental ways, to the concept of insurance itself. 

As a WSRB Subscriber, you, your underwriters and your designated agents all gain access to:

Time-tested, updated and regulator-approved Forms and Rules
  • WSRB Forms and Rules have been filed with and approved by the Washington State Office of the Commissioner (OIC). In fact, ISO and WSRB share the copyright for the Forms and Rules we file.
  • Using WSRB Forms means your policy language accounts for the latest regulatory changes and legal challenges.
  • Leveraging WSRB Forms and Rules saves your company time. Instead of spending time and resources crafting policy language and rules and managing the OIC filing process, your teams can focus on what drives value for your business.
Time-saving compliance services
  • WSRB is the only organization authorized to submit fillings to the OIC on behalf of our Subscribers for property lines of insurance, so you save time when we file for you.
  • You can select which lines we file on your behalf for.   
  • We can also assist you with how to adopt WSRB filings on your own. Our compliance team has in-depth knowledge of Washington's statutes and regulations to streamline your filing process. Contact us to learn more, get help or ask our compliance team a question.
  • Your teams can get email notifications when we make a new filing. Simply have them sign up for Circular notifications
  • Your underwriters and designated agents have access to our Filings Library, with all the Forms, Rules and Loss Costs we’ve filed with the OIC. 
Loss Costs for specifically rated commercial buildings
  • WSRB files Loss Costs with the OIC for all property lines of business, including Homeowners, Dwelling Property, Farm, Commercial Property, Businessowners and Earthquake.
  • For class-rated and specifically-rated buildings, our experienced commercial property analysts gather valuable information for your underwriting teams while saving them time. After we receive a property inspection request, one of our skilled analysts travels to the property and acts as your underwriters' eyes and ears, collecting information you can only get from an in-person visit.
  • For specifically-rated buildings, the inspection data is translated into WSRB Loss Costs for the building, general contents and contents for each occupancy.
  • Every year, we review loss data specific to Washington state and adjust our Loss Costs as necessary to ensure you're getting useful, accurate data. 
Detailed, informative Commercial Property Reports
  • WSRB Loss Costs and Commercial Property Reports (CPRs) give your team members objective, reliable information about the properties you're considering insuring.  
  • After an inspection, your underwriters receive the WSRB Loss Costs and a CPR that details construction and occupancy information, exposures and automatic fire sprinkler systems.
  • Reports include diagrams of the building, measured square footage, construction classification data, earthquake classification data and images of the property and nearby buildings.
  • For inspections conducted in May 2021 and after, CPRs include additional images of the property's exterior and, when possible, the interior. Your underwriters see an accurate, up-to-date picture of the property's condition. 
  • Inspections and CPRs are included in your Subscription fee; there’s never an additional charge to order a standard inspection.
Accurate, up-to-date Protection Class data for Washington state
  • WSRB Protection Class (PC) data gives your team insight into the firefighting resources and capabilities available at every location in Washington state.
  • Our team of highly trained professionals regularly visits and assesses every Washington state community using criteria that has been reviewed and approved by the OIC. 
  • Our proprietary algorithm and software system calculates the PC for each individual property in the state, factoring in proximity to a recognized, responding fire station and a standard hydrant.
  • Our monthly updates account for new property development as well as for changes to stations and hydrants.
Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule data
  • Gain deeper insight into the properties you're considering insuring and their ability to withstand natural disasters, including earthquake, wind and hail.
  • WSRB analysts regularly evaluate and score every Washington state community on its building code enforcement. 
  • The resulting data, in the form of a simple Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS®) score, helps your teams improve the accuracy of your underwriting and pricing.  
Flexible subscription options
  • Customize your WSRB subscription level based on the data and information you use.
  • Leverage our report of premiums process to maximize the value of your subscription. 
  • Contact us to learn more.
Efficient data-delivery methods
  • You choose the fastest, easiest way for your team members to access WSRB data.
  • A WSRB API feeds our data directly to your policy management system in the format that works best for you. Contact us to learn more about setting up a WSRB API.
  • Our website lookup is perfect for individual address searches.
  • A book review gives you data on a set of addresses you provide all at once, with a quick turnaround time. Contact us to learn how to request a book review.
Easy access to the answers you need
  • Your team members can get answers to their questions from our friendly, knowledgeable Product Solutions teams Monday through Friday by email or phone at 206-217-0101.
  • Our Help Center is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer common questions about using our products.
  • Our blog helps your underwriters make the most of our products and keeps them updated on emerging and evolving risks.  
Additional benefits and new tools
  • Book reviews covering emerging and evolving risks, including cannabis and hemp, adult family homes and wildfire risk. 
  • New risk-assessment tools that give your underwriters and agents address-specific data on wildfire and earthquake risk.
  • Geospatial expertise and technology to help you visualize and manage your concentration of risk.
  • To learn more about these tools and how to access them, contact us.
  • If you're not already a WSRB Subscriber, fill out an application today.