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BCEGS: How it Can Help You Make Better Underwriting Decisions

Posted by Bryan Stanwood on October 22, 2019

The pictures of places affected by an earthquake, severe storm or other natural disaster often have a puzzling feature: some homes and buildings have survived while others have been reduced to rubble. One answer to the puzzle relates to the local area’s building codes. 

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Topics: BCEGS, Insurance underwriting, Building Construction, code enforcement, Risk Assessment

Preparing for a Protection Class Evaluation

Posted by Robert Ferrell on October 15, 2019

Every year, the WSRB Public Protection team evaluates communities across Washington state to determine their Protection Class (PC). In 2020, we’ll be evaluating more than 130.

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The High Cost of Firefighting Equipment

Posted by Eric Cunningham on October 8, 2019

Every community needs a well-equipped fire department to protect residents’ homes and lives as well as local businesses. But have you ever stopped to wonder how much all the necessary equipment costs? The short answer: more than you probably expect. The more complete answer: there are many reasons for these high costs, so let’s explore them.   

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To Get the Right Data, Start in the Right Place: Part 2

Posted by Zhu Zhu Xiao on October 1, 2019

Most of the time, ZIP codes improve accuracy. When the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) delivers mail, ZIP codes increase efficiency. When you use a retailer’s website to find local stores, ZIP codes quickly give you useful results. When you use one of our products, an accurate street address-ZIP code pairing will ensure you’re getting data on the right property.  

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Topics: Protection class, GIS Mapping, Risk Assessment, flood insurance, liquefaction

Have Your Say: AM Best’s Innovation Scoring Method Open for Comment

Posted by Bryan Stanwood on September 24, 2019

Innovation has become so important to the insurance industry that rating agency AM Best will soon begin evaluating insurers’ innovation abilities. Exactly how that evaluation will work is still being determined, and if you’d like to voice your opinion on how it should work, you still have a little time. 

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To Be Class Rated or Not To Be, Rule 85: Part 5 of Commercial Lines Rating Series

Posted by Terry Krueger on September 17, 2019

Can your commercial risk be rated on a class basis, or must it be specifically rated? Rule 85 will tell you.

To help you understand when you need to order an inspection to get a specific loss cost, we've updated one of our most popular blog posts. Read on to learn more about Rule 85 and how to apply it.

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Topics: Building Construction, Commercial Rating

The Mystery of the Missing 13th Floor

Posted by Robert Lacy on September 10, 2019

This Friday is the 13th, so we've updated one of our most popular blog posts. Read on to learn more about why so many buildings don't have a 13th floor.

Throughout history, the number 13 is associated with bad luck and a sense of impending doom. There’s even a term for extreme fear of the number: triskaidekaphobia which if you try to say that out loud, it might be unlucky for your tongue.

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To Get the Right Data, Start in the Right Place: Part 1

Posted by Chris Jansen on August 27, 2019

Thanks to two television series (and a third one in the works), 90210 is perhaps the most famous ZIP code. The tens of thousands of other ZIP codes toil in relative obscurity but are no less important to not just mail delivery but also a wide variety of other business functions.

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Preserve the Summer Fun: Prevent Rooftop Deck Fires

Posted by Daryl Girnus on August 20, 2019

A warm summer’s evening spent enjoying the Seattle skyline, a grilled feast and the company of good friends. When residents move into apartment and condominium buildings with rooftop decks, that’s the scene playing in their minds. Most of the time, that’s also the reality, at least when the weather cooperates.  

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Topics: Home safety, Washington state, Home Fire Protection, Hazards

Smoke Alarms are Getting Smarter, Less Annoying

Posted by Robert Ferrell on August 13, 2019

It’s unfortunate but true: people get fed up with smoke alarms and disable them. Most often — 73% of the time1we simply want to stop nuisance alarms caused by burned food. If people forget to re-enable the alarm, though, they’re putting themselves and property at risk.  

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