WSRB Property Inspections & Building Reports

WSRB's Commercial Property Report provides property data and loss costs for the purpose of fire insurance rating. These inspections and reports are available at no cost to WSRB Subscribers, with no limit on the number of reports which can be ordered. Our reports include:

  • Building Construction, Occupancy, Protection, and Exposures (COPE) information
  • Automatic sprinkler grades for commercial installations (see our sprinkler grading requirements)
  • Advisory Loss Costs
  • Diagram of the building including nearby hydrant locations and distance to exposures
  • Measured square footage

Our experienced commercial property analysts know what to look for in order to get you the information you need. We have extensive experience in:

  • Restaurants
  • Habitational (hotel, apartment, senior living)
  • LRO - Lessors Risk (commercial: office, retail, wholesale, manufacturing)
  • Wood products manufacturing and installation (cabinet shops, mills, furniture plants)
  • Building material and hardware (dealers and retail)
  • Breweries and wineries
  • Auto body and repair shops
  • Agribusiness (farm, ranch, processing and storage)
  • Churches
  • Convenience stores and grocery stores
  • Recycling facilities and services (construction debris, garbage, organics, trucking)
  • Manufacturing facilities of all types
  • Commercial properties of all sizes

If you are a WSRB Subscriber, log in to the members section and click on the "Inspection" tab on the main menu to order a report.

If you are not currently a WSRB Subscriber, learn more about our Subscriber Services here.