Save Time with Automated Web Services

Easily convert your company to our automated web service program. Get key public protection, building (risk) characteristics and loss cost data delivered directly into your business system. Our team does the heavy lifting. 

Public Protection

You get two methods to access public protection information to your system:

  • Public protection by address
  • Public protection by latitude and longitude
Both of these methods return the following information:

  • Class-rated commercial and dwelling property public protection classification (1-10 range)
  • Indicator of whether a fire station is within 5 road miles and the distance to the nearest responding fire stations
  • Indicator of whether a hydrant is within 1,000 feet of the location
  • Fire protection district name
  • Responding fire department/s
  • Commercial and dwelling insurance territory code
  • Latitude and longitude of the location
  • and more

Building & Loss Costs

The building (risk) and loss costs return specifically rated building characteristics and loss costs for a location by address.

This interaction provides the following risk and loss cost information:

  • Primary address of the risk
  • Rating type (e.g., class rated, specifically rated)
  • CSP (Commercial Statistical Plan code)
  • RCP (Rating, Construction, Protection code)
  • Fire protection district
  • Rating schedule
  • Last inspection date
  • Risk loss cost effective date
  • Building description
  • Construction year (year built)
  • Number of stories
  • Height(s) of building
  • Square footage
  • Risk protection classification
  • and more