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PropertyEDGE Shortcuts, Plus Our New Blog

Posted by Sandra Bird on March 30, 2017

Sandra Bird
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We took a little hiatus, but we're back! The WSRB blog has a new look. You will find it easier to navigate to the content that is of interest to you. It still will be chock-full of valuable information delivered in a timely fashion. The blog will keep you abreast of the issues facing the property insurance industry, new technology, the latest in fire protection techniques as well as the latest enhancements and new WSRB products and services. Make sure to check in frequently.

We want to make sure you gain value every time you visit, so today we will give you two easy-to-use shortcuts for PropertyEDGE. As most of you know, we launched a new version of PropertyEDGE a few weeks ago. If you haven't used it yet, make sure to check it out. You access PropertyEDGE 2.0 in the member section of Now for the shortcuts that will save you time.

Zoom in to a region with the greatest of ease

You know you want to research a particular area but don't have a specific address. Upon opening PropertyEDGE 2.0, you simply place your cursor in the general area. Holding your Shift key, draw a box around the area. Voila, you are now there. In the example below, you can see I drew my box near Everett, and the next image is where it took me in an instant.


Quick return to the opening screen

You have done a search and now you want to clear the information and return back to the home screen of PropertyEDGE 2.0 to start your next search. Simply hit the Ctrl (Control) button and the R key, and you are back at the opening screen. It is just that easy.

For additional tools to help you use PropertyEDGE 2.0 like a pro, watch our tutorial.

I hope these two shortcuts help to make your PropertyEDGE 2.0 experience more efficient.


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