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If Fire Strikes, Make Every Second Count: Part 2

Posted by Daryl Girnus on June 18, 2019

No one wants to contemplate what it would be like to have their home catch on fire, but if yours does, you’ll want firefighters to extinguish the flames as quickly as possible. Fortunately, you can help firefighters respond swiftly. In fact, one of the biggest factors affecting firefighters’ speed in putting out a home fire is what you do long before a fire sparks. Taking a little time now could make a huge difference later, reducing property damage and possibly saving lives.  

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If Fire Strikes, Make Every Second Count: Part 1

Posted by Daryl Girnus on June 4, 2019

When a fire ignites, putting it out is all about speed. The faster you or a firefighter douse the flames with water or an extinguisher, the better. If anything slows down the response, the fire burns longer, causes more damage and poses a greater threat to human life.  

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WSRB: Celebrating Another Year of Service and Innovation

Posted by Bryan Stanwood on May 14, 2019

Today, WSRB offers insurance companies instantaneous access to data, both on our website and integrated directly into policy administration systems. We’ve come a long way since our founding in 1911, decades before the technology we now take for granted was invented.  

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Busting Myths about Wildfire Risk in Western Washington

Posted by Robert Ferrell on April 16, 2019

We usually think of Western Washington as wet or at least damp, putting it at low risk for wildfires. But a reputation for rainy weather is not, unfortunately, protection against wildfires. 

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The Hidden Firefighting Crisis

Posted by Daryl Girnus on March 20, 2019

We all take for granted that, if a fire strikes, firefighters will respond to protect our homes and businesses from devastation. What many people don’t realize is just how many of those firefighters are volunteers.  

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Fire, a painfully expensive peril

Posted by Bryan Stanwood on September 11, 2018

Every 24 seconds, a U.S. fire department responds to a blaze. Every 66 seconds, someone in America reports a structure fire. And every 34 minutes, a fire results in a civilian injury.

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WSRB & AAF: Putting Heat on Arson Prevention

Posted by Bryan Stanwood on August 14, 2018

It may not surprise you to learn that fire is one of the major causes of loss in the United States. But it may come as a shock to realize that many fires are started on purpose.

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More Floors but No Greater Risk

Posted by Kevin Bloomfield on July 24, 2018

Have you ever dreamed about being trapped in a burning skyscraper? You’re not alone. It’s a common fear, especially after the horrific events of September 11, 2001. The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center led to the world’s deadliest high-rise fire, killing 2,666 civilians and firefighters along with 157 passengers and crew members in the planes involved in the attack.

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When Fire Strikes, Remain CALM

Posted by Kevin Bloomfield on May 22, 2018

As an insurance professional, you’re well-versed in sprinkler system requirements, fire protection ratings, and what kind of losses might be covered after a blaze. But how many of you have experienced a fire firsthand? Hopefully, this will never happen, but if a fire does break out at work, here are some helpful things to know.

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Saving Lives and Property for 128 years

Posted by Anthony Higgins on May 24, 2017

A tragic warehouse fire in the International District of Seattle took the lives of four firefighters on January 5, 1995. This fire later became known as the Pang Fire. Whether you have personally experienced a catastrophic fire or witnessed one, it is a terrifying and life-changing event. In honor of those firefighters and all who don the uniform, four bronze statues in Occidental Park (Pioneer Square, Seattle) were designed and sculpted by the internationally recognized artist Hai Ying Wu. One of the slabs in the memorial is inscribed with Wu’s words, “Represented realistically yet with exaggerated gestures to emphasize the intensity of the battle in which they are engaged.”

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