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Inside a WSRB Property Inspection

Posted by Dan Mangialardi on January 21, 2020

WSRB's commercial property analysts inspect a wide variety of facilities, including warehouses, manufacturing plants, hotels, hair salons, dry cleaners and restaurants. The people running the businesses we inspect often have questions about what we look at, so in this blog post, we answer some of those questions with an inside look at a restaurant inspection.

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So You Thought That Was a Basement?

Posted by WSRB on February 12, 2014

The decision to rate a lower level as a basement instead of a first floor can mean the difference between treating a building as class rated or specifically rated. For an insured, this can have an effect on how their premium is calculated. However, the distinction isn’t always obvious, especially in the hilly Northwest.

Here is a quick guide to how we treat lower levels in our loss cost reports:

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What Do Those Diamonds on Flammable Liquid Containers Mean?

Posted by WSRB on March 25, 2013

Have you ever wondered what those diamonds on flammable liquid containers mean? If so, we have the answer. It's a long one, but certainly helps to make the jobs of our commercial property inspectors easier.

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