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To Get the Right Data, Start in the Right Place: Part 1

Posted by Chris Jansen on August 27, 2019

Thanks to two television series (and a third one in the works), 90210 is perhaps the most famous ZIP code. The tens of thousands of other ZIP codes toil in relative obscurity but are no less important to not just mail delivery but also a wide variety of other business functions.

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RCP Codes Demystified

Posted by Terry Krueger on August 21, 2018

According to Wikipedia, RCP could refer to Rochester Community Players, Radio Club Paraguayo, or the Romanian Communist Party.

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What are Loss Costs and Loss Cost Multipliers? – Part 2 in the Basics of Commercial Lines Rating series

Posted by Terry Krueger on November 7, 2017

Our blog series, The Basics of Commercial Lines Ratings, offers a refresher course on the fundamentals. In Part 1, we looked at the components needed for developing a commercial property rate. In Part 2, we explore loss costs and loss cost multipliers.

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Commercial Buildings: Top 10 Safety Issues

Posted by WSRB on May 20, 2013

Owning a commercial building or business means having to stay on top of safety issues that you may not otherwise encounter. During our commercial property inspections, our field reps encounter all kinds of unsafe conditions and fire hazards that affect insurance loss costs. Here are our top 10:

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Top 10 Commercial Kitchen Fire Safety Issues

Posted by WSRB on May 7, 2013

Restaurants are very common high-hazard occupancies because so many things can go wrong. As a result, we pay particular attention to equipment safety features and the kitchen environment during our inspections. Here is a list of the top 10 fire safety issues we come across and why they’re so important:

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WSRB Subscriber Services: Commercial Property Inspections

Posted by WSRB on May 1, 2013

A WSRB inspector visits a building to assess risk

WSRB offers Commercial Property Inspections and accompanying reports to all of our Subscribers at no additional cost. There is no limit to the number of inspections you can order, and you will never be charged additional fees for ordering more inspections.

These reports include a physical inspection of the property, specific or class-rated loss costs (as appropriate), a diagram of the property including distance to exposing buildings and hydrant locations, photos of the building as well as exposing buildings and hazards found, and a premises report detailing any conditions found by the inspector that may be of concern.

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Important Changes to the WSRB Risk Search Tool

Posted by WSRB on April 21, 2013

WSRB has revised the Washington commercial property loss costs in conjunction with the introduction of limit of insurance (LOI) relativities for Basic Group I, Basic Group II, Broad Form and Special Causes of Loss property damage coverages.

Several other rating factor changes and rule revisions were also included in the filing package to supplement the introduction of LOI relativities. These revisions, which we filed on behalf of our Subscribers in filing #CF-2012-RLC09 and CF-2012-RRU09, apply to all policies effective on or after July 1, 2013, and can be found in the Members Page Compliance Filing Library on our website.

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Commercial Lines Rating Series: Part 4 - Green Construction Upgrades

Posted by WSRB on March 18, 2013

A green construction upgrade is a coverage option for property owners interested in rebuilding damaged property with green alternatives.

 There are 3 major components:

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Agribusiness Risks: Part One - Inherent Special Hazards

Posted by WSRB on January 28, 2013

As every underwriter and loss prevention/control person knows, there are endless questions to be asked regarding every insured risk. Every business is unique, requiring a fundamental understanding of the exposures and special hazards inherent to the particular class of business that one is underwriting and/or reporting on.

Agribusiness is certainly one of those specialized classes of business requiring particular attention to reporting details, of not only the property exposures and hazards but also the casualty exposures and hazards inherent to the business’ Construction, Occupancy, Protection features, and Exposures (COPE).

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Commercial Lines Rating Series: Part 2 - Loss Costs & Loss Cost Multipliers

Posted by WSRB on January 21, 2013

What is a Loss Cost?

What is a Loss Cost Multiplier?

Effective October 1, 1994, WSRB began publishing Advisory Prospective Loss Costs in lieu of Advisory Rates.

A loss cost is the portion of the rate component covering only losses and the costs associated with settling losses. Each company must determine its own expense provisions and include provisions for underwriting profit and contingencies.

A loss cost plus company provisions constitutes a rate.

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