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To Get the Right Data, Start in the Right Place: Part 1

Posted by Chris Jansen on August 27, 2019

Thanks to two television series (and a third one in the works), 90210 is perhaps the most famous ZIP code. The tens of thousands of other ZIP codes toil in relative obscurity but are no less important to not just mail delivery but also a wide variety of other business functions.

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Protection Class Updates

Posted by Robert Ferrell on February 19, 2019

Providing our Subscribers with the best possible information and data to evaluate risk is our mission. We are constantly searching for new sources of information and, as technology and the world change, we must adapt and evolve to ensure you have the appropriate data. As we evaluated our Public Protection and Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS) Classification Manual, we noted that revisions were needed to accommodate the advances in fire protection methodologies and services.

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Soil Liquefaction for Insurance Underwriting

Posted by Joe Nolan on October 23, 2018



Located along the infamous Ring of Fire, Washington state experiences an earthquake about once every 8 hours[1]. As an underwriter, chances are you have a number of risks on or near a fault line — over 100 known faults crisscross Western Washington and Oregon.

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Quick Hit PropertyEDGE Training Videos – Now Available

Posted by Joe Nolan on June 19, 2018

Thanks to all of you who participated in our customer survey this winter. We’re taking your requests into account as we develop new services and tools, to help you work smarter and faster.

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Protection Class, GIS and Fun Facts (at least for GIS fans)

Posted by Robert Ferrell on April 24, 2018

As you know, WSRB provides Protection Class (PC) ratings for individual properties through our PROTECTION and PropertyEDGE applications. Just enter an address, and the apps quickly return a PC rating, along with its location on a map and other information such as fire hydrant availability and closest responding fire station.

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The Effects of Soil Type on Earthquake Damage

Posted by Joe Nolan on April 3, 2018

When thinking about the effects of an earthquake, imagine a pebble dropped into a pond. It hits the water creating a circular ripple that weakens the farther it moves from the center.

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Earthquakes and Insurance

Posted by Joe Nolan on March 6, 2018

It’s widely known that the Puget Sound region is prone to earthquakes. When the Big One (or Little One) strikes, will your properties be adequately covered? A new study, directed by Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kriedler, suggests that it may not.

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Assessing Landslide Risk

Posted by Bryan Stanwood on February 20, 2018

The threat of a landslide at Rattlesnake Ridge near Union Gap, Washington, is putting the spotlight on landslide risk. Though today’s technology lets anyone watch the Rattlesnake Ridge Slide unfold, underwriters view it through a professional lens.

Underwriters are well aware of the need to assess for landslide risk. While most standard policies exclude landslide coverage, many properties in rain-soaked Washington and other hilly states need it. How do you determine this? Most of the time, it starts with a review of a risk’s slope.

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PropertyEDGE Shortcuts, Plus Our New Blog

Posted by Sandra Bird on March 30, 2017

We took a little hiatus, but we're back! The WSRB blog has a new look. You will find it easier to navigate to the content that is of interest to you. It still will be chock-full of valuable information delivered in a timely fashion. The blog will keep you abreast of the issues facing the property insurance industry, new technology, the latest in fire protection techniques as well as the latest enhancements and new WSRB products and services. Make sure to check in frequently.

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Using Elevation Tools for Insurance Underwriting

Posted by WSRB on February 19, 2013

PropertyEDGE elevation tool


Elevation is commonly used by insurers to determine a property’s height in relation to sea level or floodplains to assess the need for flood insurance. However, elevation tools can also be used to determine the slope and aspect of an area.

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