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Understanding Rule 85 - Class-Rated Risks

Posted by WSRB on April 18, 2014


Rule 85 in the Washington State Commercial Lines Manual deals with class- and specifically rated risks. Class-rated risks are buildings with occupants that can be fit into a similar category due to their similar exposures to loss and probability of sustaining damage. Certain assumptions are made about buildings and occupants placed in this category. Specifically rated risks are not eligible for class rates and have unique operations, hazards, or other conditions not allowing them to be class rated. These risks also tend to be much larger and more hazardous.

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Commercial Lines Rating Series: Part 5 - Rule 85

Posted by WSRB on August 26, 2013

Rule 85

Use this powerful tool to determine if a commercial building is eligible for class rating or if it must be specifically rated.

Located in Division 5 of the Commercial Lines Manual (CLM), Rule 85 also provides Basic Group I (BGI) loss costs for properties that are eligible for class rating.

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