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Preserve the Summer Fun: Prevent Rooftop Deck Fires

Posted by Daryl Girnus on August 20, 2019

A warm summer’s evening spent enjoying the Seattle skyline, a grilled feast and the company of good friends. When residents move into apartment and condominium buildings with rooftop decks, that’s the scene playing in their minds. Most of the time, that’s also the reality, at least when the weather cooperates.  

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To Educate Customers about Earthquake Risk, Look Beyond Fault Lines

Posted by Bryan Stanwood on July 23, 2019

If you needed a reminder that the Pacific Coast faces high risk for earthquakes, we’ve recently had four big ones: two quakes in Southern California over the Independence Day weekend and two quakes north of Seattle early on July 12. Hundreds of aftershocks have followed these four quakes.  

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If Fire Strikes, Make Every Second Count: Part 2

Posted by Daryl Girnus on June 18, 2019

No one wants to contemplate what it would be like to have their home catch on fire, but if yours does, you’ll want firefighters to extinguish the flames as quickly as possible. Fortunately, you can help firefighters respond swiftly. In fact, one of the biggest factors affecting firefighters’ speed in putting out a home fire is what you do long before a fire sparks. Taking a little time now could make a huge difference later, reducing property damage and possibly saving lives.  

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Preventing Fire With Fire

Posted by Robert Ferrell on May 21, 2019

For decades, we’ve learned how important it is to do everything possible to prevent forest fires. So, the idea that some fires help control forest fires might seem puzzling. But it’s true. Prescribed burns, also called prescribed fires and controlled burns, help improve forest health and reduce the risk of large, catastrophic wildfires.  

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WSRB: Celebrating Another Year of Service and Innovation

Posted by Bryan Stanwood on May 14, 2019

Today, WSRB offers insurance companies instantaneous access to data, both on our website and integrated directly into policy administration systems. We’ve come a long way since our founding in 1911, decades before the technology we now take for granted was invented.  

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Help Your Customers Protect Their Homes with Smart Devices

Posted by Bryan Stanwood on April 30, 2019

Insurers have a long history of giving customer discounts for installing devices in their homes that reduce risk, such as alarm systems and automatic water-shutoff valves. Today’s smart home technologies are evolving quickly and giving consumers new ways to protect their property and belongings. 

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Busting Myths about Wildfire Risk in Western Washington

Posted by Robert Ferrell on April 16, 2019

We usually think of Western Washington as wet or at least damp, putting it at low risk for wildfires. But a reputation for rainy weather is not, unfortunately, protection against wildfires. 

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Topics: Home safety, Washington state, wildfire, forest fires, fire departments, Home Fire Protection

WSRB – Then and Now

Posted by Bryan Stanwood on May 15, 2018

As you may know, WSRB was founded in 1911. This month, we celebrate our 107th anniversary, which means we’ve been around about as long as many of the insurance companies who use our products. Of course, our products and services have evolved over the decades, but their purpose has not – protecting property and lives. Continually using the best technology and knowledge available, WSRB has been inspecting properties and providing essential underwriting information almost as long as Washington has been a state*.

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Tips to Prevent Brush Fires

Posted by WSRB on July 15, 2014

We’ve talked a few times about forest fires and how to protect your property from them, but let’s be honest: as residents of Western Washington the idea of a forest fire is pretty remote from our minds, right? It’s something that happens near Chelan or in Spokane County.

And that’s true, isn’t it?

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April Marks the Start of Wildfire Season

Posted by WSRB on April 2, 2014


April marks the beginning of wildfire season in Washington State, and with recent weather reports showing that El Niño may bring a drier and warmer summer than normal, now is the time to prepare. In a previous post we covered how to minimize your risk during a wildfire, but do you know how wildfires spread? According to, there are three main threats that a home or business can be at risk for if they’re in a wildfire territory: windborne embers, radiant heat, and direct flame contact.

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