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RCP Codes Demystified

Posted by Terry Krueger on August 21, 2018

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According to Wikipedia, RCP could refer to Rochester Community Players, Radio Club Paraguayo, or the Romanian Communist Party.

But in the world of property insurance, RCP stands for Rating, Construction, and Protection. It’s a four-digit code that contains a lot of valuable information. Do a Loss Cost Risk Search on the member section of WSRB’s website and you’ll find the RCP.

To help you make sense of these codes, let’s walk through RCP, letter by letter.


RCP Code Explanation


Rating and Sprinkler Credit

R stands for Rating. The first digit refers to the building’s Rating identification. WSRB uses Ratings 1, 2, and 4. Some organizations use Rating 3 (class rated, substandard conditions). We do not.

  1. Specifically rated without sprinkler system credit
  2. Class rated
  3. Class rated, substandard conditions (not used by WSRB)
  4. Specifically rated with sprinkler system credit


WSRB Construction Class

C stands for Construction. The second digit refers to the building’s construction class.

  1. Frame construction
  2. Joisted Masonry construction
  3. Non-Combustible construction
  4. Masonry Non-Combustible construction
  5. Modified Fire Resistive construction
  6. Fire Resistive construction

You can find complete construction definitions in the Commercial Lines Manual. Make sure to check for exceptions by state.


WSRB Protection

P stands for Protection. The last two digits refer to the protection class (PC) of the risk.




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Protection class is represented on a scale of 01 to 10, from best to inadequate. PC 01 indicates exceptional fire protection services, PC 10 means there are insufficient to no fire protection services available.

WSRB’s PropertyEDGE and Protection products let you look up a building’s protection class.

The RCP code is designed to provide underwriters and raters a quick summary of a risk. If you’d like to learn more about RCPs, contact us.

[note: Content updated on August 20, 2018.]

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