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How WSRB Determines the Protection Class for Each Property

Posted by Robert Ferrell on October 29, 2019

WSRB answers many questions about Protection Classes (PCs) for properties in Washington state. Over the years, we’ve found that some people are surprised to learn that not every property has the same Protection Class as the community it’s in.   

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Preparing for a Protection Class Evaluation

Posted by Robert Ferrell on October 15, 2019

Every year, the WSRB Public Protection team evaluates communities across Washington state to determine their Protection Class (PC). In 2020, we’ll be evaluating more than 130.

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Topics: Protection class, fire protection classes, fire departments, public protection

Smoke Alarms are Getting Smarter, Less Annoying

Posted by Robert Ferrell on August 13, 2019

It’s unfortunate but true: people get fed up with smoke alarms and disable them. Most often — 73% of the time1we simply want to stop nuisance alarms caused by burned food. If people forget to re-enable the alarm, though, they’re putting themselves and property at risk.  

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Topics: Home safety, Home Fire Protection

Keep Your Independence Day Safe

Posted by Robert Ferrell on June 26, 2019

It’s nearly here: the Fourth of July. Time to celebrate freedom with friends, family, fireworks and food. It’s also time to remember that two of the best parts of Independence Day  grilling and fireworks — create fire risk. Let’s explore how you can protect yourself and those you care about so your holiday is fun and safe. 

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Topics: Home safety, Holidays, Home Fire Protection

Preventing Fire With Fire

Posted by Robert Ferrell on May 21, 2019

For decades, we’ve learned how important it is to do everything possible to prevent forest fires. So, the idea that some fires help control forest fires might seem puzzling. But it’s true. Prescribed burns, also called prescribed fires and controlled burns, help improve forest health and reduce the risk of large, catastrophic wildfires.  

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Topics: Washington state, wildfire, forest fires

Busting Myths about Wildfire Risk in Western Washington

Posted by Robert Ferrell on April 16, 2019

We usually think of Western Washington as wet or at least damp, putting it at low risk for wildfires. But a reputation for rainy weather is not, unfortunately, protection against wildfires. 

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Topics: Home safety, Washington state, wildfire, forest fires, fire departments, Home Fire Protection

Protection Class Updates

Posted by Robert Ferrell on February 19, 2019

Providing our Subscribers with the best possible information and data to evaluate risk is our mission. We are constantly searching for new sources of information and, as technology and the world change, we must adapt and evolve to ensure you have the appropriate data. As we evaluated our Public Protection and Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS) Classification Manual, we noted that revisions were needed to accommodate the advances in fire protection methodologies and services.

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Topics: BCEGS, PropertyEDGE™, Protection, Protection class, fire protection classes, Subscriber Services

Embers, Wind and Fire: A Dangerous Mix

Posted by Robert Ferrell on August 7, 2018

If you live or own property in a community adjacent to a wildland area, you may realize you’re at a greater risk for wildfires. But even if you don’t, you still may have reason to be concerned. Just because a house is located outside of the designated Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) zone doesn’t mean it’s out of the woods, as far as wildfire is concerned.

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Topics: wildfire, forest fires, Home Fire Protection

BCEGS, Because Rules are There for a Reason

Posted by Robert Ferrell on July 31, 2018

As you probably know, building codes are the sets of rules and standards for the construction of buildings and structures. Their purpose is to protect public health, safety and general welfare.

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Topics: BCEGS, Building Construction, code enforcement

The Wildland Urban Interface – A Modern Day Hansel & Gretel

Posted by Robert Ferrell on July 10, 2018

Remember the story of Hansel and Gretel, who walked into the forest and encountered a scary witch? This tale doesn’t involve a witch, but it’s scarier because it’s real. It’s about structures and homes built next to the beautiful forest, where a tranquil setting can take a frightening  turn.

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Topics: wildfire, forest fires