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Fire, a painfully expensive peril

RCP Codes Demystified

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BCEGS, Because Rules are There for a Reason

Home, Sprinklered Home

More Floors but No Greater Risk

Why Sprinkler Systems Fail

The Wildland Urban Interface – A Modern Day Hansel & Gretel

Maximizing the Benefits of the Advanced Risk Search

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Quick Hit PropertyEDGE Training Videos – Now Available

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Cryptic Insurance Words

When Fire Strikes, Remain CALM

WSRB – Then and Now

Mezzanine vs. Floor — What's the Difference?

Implications of Population Fluctuation on a Community's Protection Class

Protection Class, GIS and Fun Facts (at least for GIS fans)

The Mystery of the Missing 13th Floor

The Effects of Soil Type on Earthquake Damage

The Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale for Earthquake Insurance Underwriting

What is an Open Foundation?

Earthquakes and Insurance

ZIP Codes, City Boundaries and Business Intelligence

Assessing Landslide Risk

Tools for Assessing Wildfire Risk

When to use the Broad Causes of Loss Form, Part 7 in the Commercial Lines Rating Series

The Importance of Renters Insurance

The Basics on the Basic Causes of Loss, Part 6 in the Commercial Lines Rating Series

Before the Water Rises Again - an NFIP Update!

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Time to Say Goodbye

Your input in action: new improvements to WSRB products and services

Re-underwriting Blues

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Is There Meaning Behind the Color of a Fire Hydrant?

The Basics on Construction Classes – Part Six, Fire-Resistive

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The Basics on Construction Classes – Part Four, Masonry Non-Combustible

The Basics on Construction Classes – Part Three, Non-Combustible

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The Ins and Outs of Tentative Loss Costs

The Importance of Automated Sprinkler Systems

Top Ten Reasons You Aren't Getting Full Sprinkler Credit

No Sprinkler Left Behind

We Asked, You Answered: Subscriber Survey Results

Recognizing Effort vs. Rewarding Results - The Ever-present Performance Evaluation Quandary

Wildfire-proof Your Home

Resources for You and Your Business

Saving Lives and Property for 128 years

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day Is May 6

Arson Alarm Foundation, Reducing the Loss of Life and Property from Arson

Enhancements to Make Loss Cost Lookup Easier

PropertyEDGE Shortcuts, Plus Our New Blog

One Size Sprinkler System Does Not Fit All

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Commercial Lines Rating Series: Part 8 – Causes of Loss – Special Form

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Additions to Protection Class 9 Criteria Coming Soon

Northwest Residential Fire Sprinkler Summit

E-cigarettes and the Risk of Fire

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New Look, New Logo, Same WSRB

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A Soft Story and Earthquakes

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What Can WSRB Do for You?

Automatic Sprinkler Testing - Internal Piping Condition and Obstruction Investigation

It's Been 34 Years Since Mt. St. Helens Erupted

Actual Cash Value vs. Replacement Cost and Why It Matters to You

Duties After Loss - What Your Insurance Company Expects from You

Disaster Preparedness and Your Insurance Policy

Tornadoes in Washington - Should You Batten Down the Hatches?

Classifying Earthquakes

Understanding Rule 85 - Class-Rated Risks

Federal vs. State Regulation of Insurance - National Governors Association Letter

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Concurrent Causation and Your Insurance Policy

April Marks the Start of Wildfire Season

Sprinkler System Grandfathering Laws - the Debate Continues

Dorm Rooms and Your Homeowners Insurance

Who Controls the Internet?

Fire Safety for Spray Booths and Rooms

A Fire Hazard in Your Neighbor's Garage?

So You Thought That Was a Basement?

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High Rise Fire Safety

Pennsylvania Is Burning - What You Didn't Know about Coal Seam Fires

The Value of Making Mistakes

Fire Doors 101

Over 750 Saved by Washington’s Retroactive Nightclub Sprinkler Requirements

WSRB – By the Numbers

Winter Safety Tips for Commercial Buildings

Important Notice Regarding WSRB Specific Loss Costs and Commercial Property Reports

WSRB PROTECTION: It’s Makeover Week

How to Keep Your Pets Safe in an Emergency

Don't Become a Statistic this Thanksgiving! Know How to Use a Turkey Fryer Safely

A Quick and Dirty Cheat Sheet for Fire Extinguisher Placement and Spacing

If Your Cooking Skills Are Like Mine, Maybe You Should Know How a Smoke Alarm Works

4 Hollywood Sprinkler Myths Busted

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Make Sure You Have the Right Extinguisher — Know How to Read the Label!

Public Protection Class Grading 9A vs. 10

It’s National Fire Prevention Week — Learn about Preventing Kitchen Fires

Should Your Insurance Cover Lahars?

National Safety Preparedness Month Is a Great Time to Update Your Business and Home Preparedness Plans!

The Basics on Construction Classes - Part Seven, Mixed Construction

Washington Supreme Court Decision Puts Insurers at Risk of Liability for All Acts of Agents

Can Insurance Underwriters Tame the Big Data Beast?

WSRB Subscriber Services - Customer Service

How to Prepare Your Business for 4th of July Celebrations

Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Maintenance — What to Do and When to Do It

Federal vs. State Regulation of Insurance — FIO Hearing 6-13-2013

So What is Public Protection?

WSRB Subscriber Services - BCEGS

WSRB Subscriber Services - Loss Costs & Tentative Loss Costs

Commercial Buildings - Top 10 Safety Issues You Need to Know

Agribusiness Risks - Controlled Atmospheric (CA) Warehouses, Part 1

WSRB Subscriber Services - Automatic Sprinkler Reports

Top 10 Commercial Kitchen Fire Safety Issues

WSRB Subscriber Services - Commercial Property Inspections

Are You Getting the Best Value for Your WSRB Subscription?

Important Changes to the WSRB Risk Search Tool

Insurance Rate Support for New Programs

What Do Those Diamonds on Flammable Liquid Containers Mean?

Commercial Lines Rating Series: Part 4 - Green Construction Upgrades

Make Sure Your Homeowners Insurance Will Be There for You!

Introducing PropertyEDGE!

Why PropertyEDGE™?

Using Elevation Tools for Insurance Underwriting

Agribusiness Risks – Part One: Inherent Special Hazards

Commercial Lines Rating Series: Part 2 - Loss Costs & Loss Cost Multipliers

WSRB's New Tentative Loss Cost Calculator Is Here!

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) in Automatic Sprinkler Systems

A Good Business Interruption Plan Requires More Than Insurance - Are You Prepared?

Why It Pays to Get Renters Insurance

Holiday Decoration Safety for Commercial Buildings

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Educating Clients about Insurance Loss Costs and Loss Control Inspections

Rate Capping, Part 3 - Update

Safe Heating Practices for Commercial Buildings

WSRB Sprinkler Rating

Federal vs. State Regulation of Insurance — Why It Matters

WSRB Custom Reports Are Now Available!

WSRB Now Offers General Casualty Reports!

Why Field Reports Are Important

Customer Satisfaction Survey Action Plan

You Spoke and We Listened!

The Importance of Property & Casualty Insurance: Inspection Procedure — Part III

Tsunami Inundation Maps for Insurance Underwriting

Using GIS Data and Tools for Better Insurance Underwriting

The Importance of Property & Casualty Insurance — Part II

The Importance of Property & Casualty Insurance –Part I

Severe Weather Insurance Losses

The Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale for Insurance Underwriting

Restaurant Suppression Issues - Kitchen Suppression Systems

Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS) Overview, Part II

Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS) Overview, Part 1

Wildfire Risk Prevention

Rate Capping, Part 2 - Update

Restaurant Suppression Issues - Grease Accumulation

Rate Capping, Part 1

Restaurant Suppression Issues - Grease Baffles

Restaurant Suppression Issues - Suppression System Nozzle Caps

How Does Green Building Construction Affect You?